• Job Context

    <p>AAPBD is&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; seeking&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; a&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; new&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; HTML5&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Game&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Developer&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; to&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; join&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; the&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; team. A&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; well-qualified candidate&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; will&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; be&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; someone&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; who&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; likes&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; to&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; push&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; the&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; limits&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; of&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; what&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; can&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; be&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; done with&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; animation, interactivity&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; and&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; sound&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; design,&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; in&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; a&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; cross-platform&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (desktop,&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; mobile, tablet) browser environment.<br></p>

  • Job Responsibility

    Extensive knowledge in HTML5 canvas development and JavaScript
    • Working knowledge of HTML5 game development engines and the ability to quickly get
    up to speed with any engine.
    • Thorough knowledge of design & animation tools including, Photoshop, Illustrator,
    • Ability to take a PSD/mock or concept and turn it into a working experience.
    • Experience in creating exciting, highly interactive experiences on the desktop, iPad,
    iPhone and other mobile devices.
    • Experience porting HTML5 to iOS/Android app stores
    • Strong communication skills
    • Proven resourcefulness in troubleshooting complex problems
    • Experience coding for mobile web using responsive web technologies
    • Extensive design and game development experience
    • Strong debugging and optimization abilities
    • Must be able to  think critically and work in a fast-paced environment
    Additional Skills
    • 3D Graphics experience a plus
    • Experience with ImpactJS and CreateJS is a plus

Dead Line Expired


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