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Mobile intermediary (broker BP) Ajawal became free violin

(Cars, distinctive numbers, real estate, spare parts, functions, mobile devices, shops and businesses, women, Variety, animals and birds, public services, bicycle and equipment freely)

sell and buy anything from your mobile phone with a larger application Classifieds on Mobile

Photos and lift your ad from your mobile phone quickly and easily and it is recorded.

Your ad will reach to more than 60 thousand by:

– Intermediate application on Android and the iPhone and BlackBerry.
– Official website.
– Mobile site.
– Tweets.
– Facebook.
– Alanstaqram.
– Intermediate bulletins across the the SMS.

To receive our publications, advertising, please go to our plugin:

– Blackberry 22900900
– Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @waseetmobily
– Apple Store, PlayStation Store, Blackberry Store (broker Mobile)

For any questions or suggestions , please call: 44146696 (+974)
or send us an email: support@waseetm.com

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November 29, 2016

android, BlackBerry, iOS