VUEHOME – Real Estate solution

VUEHome. A real estate video touring app.

Our product has a unique method of creating real estate video home tours with only the use of a cell phone or tablet. You will be able to record room by room and create a cover photo for each video. VUEhome is the world’s first app that can upload multiple videos with cover photos at the same time.
After all the videos are uploaded for a particular listing, your customers will have the option to play only videos of areas that interest them. They won’t have to play a whole video tour, like the ones you will find on Youtube.
VUEhome will also incorporate listings’ general information with every property listings’ video tours. This information will include price, square footage, number of beds and baths, contact info, maps etc…
Before the introduction of the VUEhome app, most home sellers that wanted a video home tour had to hire a professional company to record and edit them. These video tours were shown in one, long shot and did not use a series of small videos, like the VUEhome system does. This made it very time consuming to go through many properties.

VUEhome provides different ways for you to promote your video tours.
You can copy the URL located on the bottom of every listing and paste it into any text message or email. This link will take your customer directly to that property listing so that they can view it on their phones or computers.


Android, iOS


November 29, 2016

android, iOS