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SnapQu is the quickest way for students to get instant homework answers from subject experts. You don’t need to type your question, just snap a picture of it and SnapQu tutors will answer it in minutes.

Its as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how it works:
1) Snap a Question
2) Select a Subject
3) Get an Answer

Don’t stress, just relax! We will notify you when a tutor answered your question.

SnapQu is a 24/7 on-demand mobile tutoring service designed to quickly help students with math problems. Each of our tutors must pass a comprehensive test in their subject specialties in order to qualify to tutor on SnapQu.

100% MONEY BACK Guarantee! If you do not like the app for whatever reason we promise to refund your purchase.

This app comes with 2 credits that can be used to ask 2 questions. After the balance is used up, each additional question costs $0.99 .

The subjects we support include:
College- Algebra
College- Calculus
College- Geometry
College- Precalculus
College- Trigonometry
HS- Algebra 1
HS- Algebra 2
HS- Calculus
HS- Geometry
HS- Precalculus
HS- Trigonometry
Middle School Math




November 29, 2016