Dinnersite.nl app

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aapbd.dinnersite

Search and find restaurants in the Netherlands with dozens of search and filter capabilities. View photos and menus of thousands of restaurants.

It is also possible to search by availability of restaurants that use our Booking Manager, but also with place settings, Seatme / Parisiens, eTender and Nostradamus. Thereby get immediate biggest book app Netherlands in hands.

Sort the restaurants to buy or be surprised by shaking your phone.

What can you do with the application?

Search restaurants in the Netherlands, check out the largest file-to-date menus, read and write reviews, search filters based on their own as top restaurant, child friendly, deals and sort to buy. You can instantly find and book based on availability at the largest base in the country.

How does the application?

Let the app you locate and you can retrieve restaurants in the immediate area. You do not need to view results. Login

Enter through the dash your association with SponsorKliks and all online bookings you make your association money.


Android, Graphic, Web Services (API)


December 1, 2016